The noises you hear, but don’t hear
A slight metaphor in the curve of your ear
The rustle of paper
The scuffing of leaves
The hum of a fan or
The roll of the sea
Comfortable, everyday sounds
That rest unobserved until no one’s around
An absence of you, yet reminders abound
In song after song, in sound after sound
Your phantom whispers to me
Listening to what used to be
An echo of laughter
The sigh of your breath
Your voice, your heartbeat
The knell I have left
The noises I hear but don’t hear
The ones I still want in my ear

By Marcie Dean

Concert at the Kennedy Center

The clarinet was a chirping bird fluttering amid the escaping notes

The strings plucked like raindrops and growing despair 

While the cello played the villian, suave and deep, chasing the violins to cause a flurry of anxiety

The centered clarinet then bellowed sturdier notes, beckoning all to come together while the quiet plea for unity echoed smoke like, up into swirling sky 

Twilight Walk

Mist descends on Maine pines like a London Fog 
The gravel crunching beneath my feet whispers 
Drops plop from choke cherries to kiss the palm of my hand asking 
Do you not remember 
Do you not remember 
How you and I strolled Manchester Streets 
Stumbling around puddles to clutch each other's hands 
We laughed nervously over pasta 
I could not remove my gaze from your face 
Do you not remember 
When we knew it was our time 
The mist, turning to London drizzle guides me to my door and erupts into 
Merging the dust with the earth 
I remember 

By Marcie Dean

Occupational Hazard

Love is my occupational hazard

My heart  exposed on my sleeve 

was ripped off,

Played with 

Casually tossed about to land on a shelf

Until you decide to have another go with it

Do you not notice, it is a heart?

That the knicks and tears and vile put into it will cease its weakened beat? 

But maybe the chastisement is mine

To not put my heart out there

exposed on my sleeve

To be ruined by love

By Marcie Dean

He Was the Rock

He was the rock 
Strong,Secure, Sure 
Shelter, Protection 
Anchor, Haven 
He was the rock 
Stubborn and unmovable 
A staunch fortress 
Growing jagged 
Growing hard 
Growing harder 
Shutting out 
The winds, the waves 
The storms, the sun, the light 
My heart 
He was the rock that crushed me 
He was the rock I crashed myself against 
He was the rock upon which I broke 

By Marcie Dean

At sea

The world rocks and whimpers like a ship at sea

Unguarded against the elements

Flinging the sail for protection but

finding it inadequate

In the balance between persevering and perishing

Unsure of which will win

By Marcie Dean

The Difference

Tonight, I meandered lilac scented streets and watched as a scarlet setting sun was exchanged for a gold rising moon.

A white cat crossed my path.

A blue jay chirped forgiveness.

My heart embraced its journey.

Not strong but stronger-

Not whole but healing.

In a world that  launches chaos to block our path, to murk our way,

I find beauty just to the right

If I stop to redirect my gaze

By Marcie Dean

Making You Breakfast

My fingers trace over your skin, memorizing your feel

Awed by the blessing of being beside you and wondering if this is real

Searching the blue of your eyes, lost in the depth of your stare

Clear honest insight masks hint of gray shadow, 

A path to the soul I hold dear

No block for the rush of my tears

No words for the well in my chest

Through muddled confusion the thought that lies certain is I

Want to spend my life 

Making you breakfast

By Marcie Dean

To N

Light cascades through broken blinds and interrupts one fast asleep

It coaxes flutter of the eyes, like you are waking me

Thoughts and fancies scurry across eons of time and space

Grasping for the air, but sensing that you’re here 

A smile erupts    A fortress melts    I lay in puddles at your feet

A beating heart and pillow talk when your and my mind meet

By Marcie Dean